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Hey leo, how are you guys doing? Thank you.

So much for tuning in this is going to be another general reading to see um who or what is coming towards.

You and love do keep in mind the energies.

The messages could be interchangeable.

They can be vice versa.

This could be something happening now in the near future or the future.

So, let's get started, your girl got a nice little stain there going on from a damn charcoal mask that I'm putting on today.

You know trying to be a labuji.

Oh my god, I swear to god.

I was trying to be boozy like I really thought I was the [ __ ] and then that she ended up getting on my shirt.

But anyway, you guys get to see the real me.

This is who I am a whole [ __ ] mess all right angel.

This is for leo as soon as I said, that wedding rings came out.

Are you dealing with someone who's [, __ ] married wedding rings, okay, what is coming towards leo in love the leo collective? Oh [ __ ], okay, okay, okay, too much what is coming towards the leo collective and love c-spirit leo what is coming towards leo? You know this card.

I feel like it's like it's always coming out.

Let me kind of bend my deck to okay.

What is coming towards leo in love, please spirit, all right! So leo you have wedding rings.

You have the runner runner in a co-dependent relationship, fear of intimacy, listening to ego, okay and then you have love call someone expresses love a message of love.

Thinking of you and letting you know, okay, I'm here, for it could be some pisces, some cancer angels.

What is coming towards the leo collective in love, leo godly people got the damn love bug this time of the year.

I think it's some holidays coming up, because everyone's like um, all three signs that I did today so far has gotten the knight of cups.

So clearly we could see uh.

You know what that love call is about what is coming towards leo in love spirit, leo yeah, someone is [, __, ], crazy over you, someone's in love with you, queen of cups, could be some water sign or, like I said, pisces cancer scorpio is what I'm picking up so far.

What is coming towards leo in love spirit, leo who's, coming towards leo in love, oh [, __, ], okay, too many damn cars, the sun, you could be doing with another leo.

What is that, like two leos, I mean that [ __, ], spicy and erotic as hell.

Eight of cups is in the reverse.

It's possibly someone who was um, walking away from you, possibly they're, coming back what is coming towards leo in love, okay and the ace of swords.

Yeah people are getting the ace of swords, too.

Clarity is coming in someone's making their um like communication coming in that changes that changes everything right.

The sun is already clarity.

The ace of swords is clear as it can get.

Someone wants to work on it fix it, eight of pentacles.

What the hell did, this [ __ ] do.

Yeah, I love call some someone from the past that you've been separated from maybe they ghosted you they're coming back interesting.

Why are you coming towards my leos? What the hell? Your ass, won't now all right angels.

What is the the knight of cups about king of cups? So this is someone who is um could be a libra like, I said, any other water sign.

This water is very strong in this reading, so, if you're dealing with a water sign, this is definitely your reading.

This is someone who wasn't really letting you know how they feel when, like because the king of cups, he doesn't talk about how he feels he feels that [ __ ], but he doesn't, he doesn't talk about it.

This is someone who had a block on their love, the ace of cups.

They were afraid to love you or they were afraid to tell you how they feel my goodness clarify the eight of pentacles justice yeah, so now they're ready to bring justice.

I feel like this is someone who ended things with you.

Unexpectedly, that's just kind of what I feel I'm bringing justice.

Now I have a leap right here: why is queen of cups here, but a knight coming towards a queen could be a cancer yeah.

You have a chariot clarifying that yeah.

This is someone who was trying to protect themselves or you know to look all hard and [ __ ].

They just didn't want to.

Let you win.

That's [ __ ], some people be like.

Oh, you know why the same storyline, the same storyline, because that's what's coming down the damn cars.

I can't control it.

If that's what most people are dealing with a lot of people walking around with big ass, big big-ass egos and [ __ ] and pride, they can't even let their pride.

You know their problem.

Let them show their feelings, clarify the eight of cups in the reverse, the magician.

No, no, that's the emperor! What's wrong with them.

Just the coffee, all right, clarify the sun.

See they're gonna, give you clarity as to why they walked away.

That's what it looks like then again, it just looks like someone is really acting on their feelings.

Now clarify the ace of swords, the devil in the reverse.

For some of them, I have the what I'm picking up for some of them, they may have been married when you met them or in some sort of toxic relationship, is what I'm picking up, and this is why they kind of stopped talking to you.

Maybe they had to get out of it, because you have the devil here, the eight of swords and the high priestess.

Maybe you on an intuitive level.

You already know this, but for others of you, this person they were just stuck in their head.

That's that's really all it was.

They had a lot of toxic thinking patterns that they needed to get rid of that's what's going on here.

I want to pour some of these parts, see emotional intimacy, they're becoming emotionally intimate with you.

Tell me more about this situation coming towards leo in love finger pointing our partners reflect our wounds, relationships mirror what we are figure pointing so like this person is ready to take responsibility for um the past, how they've been if this is an ex partner? You may still love this person.

It's like now they're ready to take responsibility for what whatever the [ __ ], they were doing to you in the past.

What is coming towards leo in love.

Tell me more about the situation, alter the view.

So now this person sees things differently: yeah they're, seeing [ __ ] differently, they're, taking a completely different approach strategy.

Have a game plan implement daily routines that support your goals, be clear about your desires, some of these persons.

Now it's like they're being clear with you, whereas before they weren't, you do have the runner here.

So perhaps this person was really just running away from uh how they felt about you, that's what they were running away from.

Tell me more spin.

What is coming towards leo in love all right see, change is coming now: they're gonna with the eight of pentacles.

That's a consistent energy.

If they weren't consistent with you before they weren't really putting much effort.

That's changing.

Someone is ready to um, really prove themselves long-distance [, __ ].

This person could be at a distance from you.

You also have past life connection at the bottom of the deck.

So if you believe in twin flames, you feel like this is your twin flame.

This could resonate for you.

Then you have see this person has some sort of unhealthy patterns, addictions, something that they needed to clear up could have been an unhealthy relationship.

They were in.

Maybe you know about that, and now it's like they're, probably ready now and the universe has a plan yeah.

This could really definitely be um a twin flame situation.

The universe has a plan receiving a message yeah this person's calling you love, call message of love or it could be actual call now they're ready to take a risk.

All right.

Growth and expansion is at the bottom of the deck wow.

Just tell me more about the situation for leo what is coming towards leo and love.

Tell me more all right, so you have c heard me in the reverse could be a virgo.

This is someone who um you haven't heard from death.

Maybe you thought it was over.

It could be a scorpio, a lot of water energy in this.

In this reading, like this person has changed, they have a completely different mindset.

They're changed here, you are here, you show up strength, yeah.

That is what I'm seeing.

Should we clarify that um clarify death for some of them yeah this person really let their ego their pride sabotage, a connection for some of you, five of swords at the end, at the bottom of that, if this is an ex partner who you know was like this okay, maybe they weren't really um emotionally intimate with you.

That's they underwent some sort of transformation.

Maybe they were emotionally mature.

Whatever the case was clarified strength, why is the hermit here in the reverse? It's what I'm seeing for you like someone who has changed if they put you on a third party, um yeah, it's not a third party situation, no more if they were married or anything when you met them, they're, not anymore.

It's like now they're ready to really put their all into you.

A situation.

What's at the bottom of the deck lovers could be a gemini, the five of cups.

They have regrets in the empress yeah someone could have definitely been married.

So that is what I'm saying for you leo.

Thank you.

So much for tuning in I love you all very much, and I will see you guys next time.

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