Profitable Trading Strategy and Voss Predictor Indicator Advanced Testing (2023)


Profitable Trading Strategy and Voss Predictor Indicator Advanced Testing

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The Academy of Forex was created so we can learn as a group what Forex indicators work best and which don’t. We will be testing what Forex indicators are the best and building the best Forex trading system as we go. We will be growing and learning as a team and as a team we will all profit from the Forex system we build. Join us on discord and subscribe to the channel so you can be part of this awesome team as we all achieve success.


Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

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Thank you today we will be looking at an advanced testing of the boss, predictor indicator, but before we do, if you have not watched the first video on the channel and all the videos after that, you need to go.

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All right, as I said today, we will be looking at an advanced testing of the Vos predictor indicator before we do, though, I wanted to put the testing scoreboard up for everyone to see.

So to date, we have tested a total of 67 different strategies, with 18 of them being profitable the best one.

So far it's able to achieve and eighty percent win rate.

That is the strategy that we have developed here on the channel I'll put a video or a thumbnail of it up right now on the screen and link to it up in the corner.

If you're looking for a strategy, uh that is uh, proven to be profitable and that we are constantly optimizing testing on other markets and uh improving upon then I highly recommend you check that one I'll also link to it.

At the end of this video we've also tested a total of 879 indicators, with 370 of them being winners.

The best ones so far were able to achieve a 100 win rate.

No, you need to go back and watch those videos to understand the context of how they were able to achieve that.

So go back and watch those videos and see what you can get out of those winning indicators.

We've also retested in the advanced testing 67 of the winning indicators.

26 of them have been able to maintain the winning status.

The best two, a 76 win rate now keep in mind that we test most of these strategies and indicators on the Forex and crypto Market, but they can be applied to just about any market and time frame universally all right.

So today we are looking at in advanced testing of the Vos predictor indicator.

You can see here on the bottom of the screen, and so in the original testing.

This did uh I believe it was 12 trades within the one year's time um somewhere around the 60 win rate.

I forgot to mark it down um right off hand.

So we did keep this on the daily time frame, and so the Stop and uh take profit.

Was the default stop and take profit on on this particular pair? All right, I went ahead and drugged that uh take profit and stop here on screen uh.

So that way, everybody knows what we're working with here.

So, like I, said the default uh take profit and stop there.

The original win win rate was a 66 percent with 12 trades in the one year's time.

So, like I said, we did leave this on the daily time frame in the original testing uh.

What we were looking for was first and foremost, was the color of the Dots here running down the middle of this indicator, and so when the dots were red, then we are looking for short trades when the dots are green.

We are looking for long trades, and so the next step that we were looking for uh was the uh Cross of this line here below.

So the green and red line, I guess I, should say Crossing down uh below the Gray Line, and so when we are looking for the shorts there, we're looking for that cross to the downside when the dots are green.

We're looking for the Longs we're looking for that across of that green and red line to the upside of the gray or white light colored line there, and so, for example, right here we have our dots in the red coloration there and we get the cross where the green line here crosses down below that grayish light color line right there.

That would be a short trade and you can see that we get a nice push to the downside there that one would have gotten us to our take profit over here.

On this side, we are looking at the green dots right here, which means we're looking for a long and right.

Here we get a cross where that reddish color line there crosses up above the light colored line there there's a little bit of a push to the upside, not a huge one looks like we did get to our take profit, though, and so that's how we tested it in the original video um.

That's how we tested it in this Advanced testing.

So before we take a look at what it was able to achieve in the advanced testing, I like to get to give a quick shout out to our Discord server, so this is our Discord server right here.

It is free to join most of the channels here are free, but we do have a patreon only Channel set up just for our patrons to take advantage of some great Advanced information uh, for example.

This is Sasquatch here he is an amazing Forex, prop Trader, he's posting charts on a regular basis where he's marked out areas of support and resistance areas of interest uh.

If I scrolled back here, you'd see that we get quite a few charts like this, where uh he really Dives in and marks out areas of interest, uh, different uh kind of wedge patterns or different candle patterns in general, really really awesome.

Information that he's putting out for everyone to see.

You can really learn a lot from the charts that he's putting out just kind of following, along with his trade, sometimes we'll also post kind of the trades that he's looking to take uh.

We also have Mike from upright trading is one of our admins uh.

He does a really great job of explaining indicators and helping out with indicators, um and just general trading knowledge, um kind of all around that's what kind of what this was right here, uh responding to a kind of a new member asking a question uh, but Mike from upright trading, has a lot of really cool indicators that he's developed himself um sonar some are paid, some are free, but all of them are really super cool and I believe they all are free to test out and so uh.

He really goes above and beyond, to kind of help us out and explain a lot of great stuff.

It's just a really great environment as well as all that you will also get access to some indicators that I've developed myself.

The last video that I did was on the best day trading strategy that we have created.

It is a very profitable strategy with this video was on the Forex Market, but I also have a video where we've tested it on the crypto Market as well.

In that, video I obviously show the indicators that we use, which are the private indicators that we have, developed and I've actually created a guide around that particular strategy, as you can see right here again go back and watch that video if you are interested, but this guide basically uh contains the links to the private coded indicators that I was talking about big shout out to Mike from upright trading for coding those uh indicators for us.

It also has the optimized settings of the particular indicators uh.

It has the list of the specific markets and pairs or coins, as well as the different time frames that the strategies that this strategy works on, as well as just general, optimization tips and so um as I am testing this strategy on different markets and different pairs, different time frames and so on.

I'll, be constantly updating this guide and putting it out for everyone pinned in the patreon only channel for our patrons to have easy access to understanding what the strategy works on.

How it uh? How it specifically works in the optimization of everything? So so a bunch of great benefits to becoming a patron of the channel I highly recommend that you join us all right.

So let's go ahead and take a look at the advanced test here, all right, so we did 50 trades like normal out of those 50 trades, we've got 26 winning trades.

We've got 24 losing trades, it's going to put us at a 52 win rate, so we had a a reasonable drop from that 66.

We got in the original uh with the one year of testing and so uh.

This indicator, uh I, think has its place I think um.

It would do all right, um kind of gauging um I forget what other indicators have this kind of setup like this um, where it has the dots running down the middle that we're looking for the coloration uh kind of indicating the overall trend uh, the dots itself seem to do reasonably well, uh kind of catching the trend, um and then the lines I think maybe could be dialed in a little bit more I.

Don't think it's a horrible indicator! I think it definitely uh could be useful, maybe as a filter confirmation something like that, but for our purposes right now it's not going to work.

So it's going to go on the no list and we'll move on to the next indicator.

From here foreign foreign.


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